Divorce Rates In Minnesota Reported To Be On The Rise

by Amanda Maenner on August 17, 2010

A recent article published in the Star Tribune comments on the increase in divorce rates in the state of Minnesota, where over the past few years the rates have been declining.

Compared with the same period in 2009, Judge Tanja Manrique of Hennepin County Family Court noted an 8 percent rise in divorce case filings involving children and a 5 percent increase in filings not involving children.

“These are statistically significant numbers for us,” she said. “Last year, dissolution filings for most months were flat. As the economy starts to rebound, people come to the conclusion they need to go on with their separate lives.”

In the past couple years, we have seen the trend also of parties staying together not because they think they can work out their marital problems, but rather because financially it did not make sense for them to create two separate households or divide the equity in their home when it was underwater.  The increase in divorces does seem to be related to the economic conditions right now.  Granted, not all markets have improved and the parties may be taking a loss on their home.  But it has gotten to a place where people seem to be more secure in their jobs and ready to move on with their lives.

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